BR3 Dry Cleaners
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Hi my name is Nez Muslu. My family have been in dry cleaning for 40 years. I’ve been doing dry cleaning on my own since 1990, I know how to set up a dry cleaning business! Where to buy dry cleaning equipment without getting ripped off! Where to buy the best stock and I can also train you up to be a professional dry cleaner. At the moment I have 3 dry cleaning businesses. People are setting up dry cleaning business without getting trained properly, and within a year closing down and losing everything. Dry cleaning is not an easy job you have to be trained at least 3 months.

·            Design, planning and management

·            Advice on Health & Safety and Customer Services

·            Counter Training & Customer Relations

·            Garment Assessment & Hoffman Pressing Training

·            Pre-Spotting & Finishing Techniques

·            Machine Operations & Packing Applications

·            Advanced Specialist Garment Cleaning Techniques

·            Handling Customer Complaints

You can not learn these things in 2 weeks. I will help you set up your dry cleaning business find the right locations get the right equipment and the right stock from the right suppliers and I will stay in your business for 3 months to teach you all I know. Please Email me at